My name is Vitaliy and I'm from Minsk, Belarus. I have started producing music from the end of 90s when I was a teenager. In 2002, I started to perform as a musician and DJ under the alias T-Trider, playing different styles of electronic dance music. By the middle of 2000s I have become one of the most requested drum'n'bass DJs in Belarus. I've played gigs in all major cities in our country and abroad (Poland, Ukraine, Russia), I've participated in such big fests as Russian Drum'n'bass Convention 2005 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Kazantip 2005-2006 in Crimea (Ukraine), Basowiszcza 2008 in Grodek (Poland). My music has been released on such labels as Gizmo-Lab (Belarus), Shum (Russia), Vodkaredbull (Czech Republic). In 2011 I self-released a drum'n'bass album "Temptation Station", which was the compilation of my tracks dated 2009-2011.

Also, my music activities go beyond DJing and music making. I was one of the founders of Electrokids promo group, that was organizing electronic music events in Minsk back in 2002-2012. Electrokids gave start to many belarusian electronic bands and musicians thanks to their well-known electronic music festival "System Of Electronic Madness".

Since 2012 I'm focused on producing music for audio stocks and production libraries. My music can be found on all major royalty-free music platforms, such as Audiojungle, Pond5, Productiontrax, Luckstock and so on. My music was used in videos and ads by Honda Canada, Kingston, Asics Japan and many others. Since 2013 I work as a freelance sound designer and audio editor.


Here are the services I can provide.


Audio Restoration

Have a podcast with a lot of background noise in it? An interview with clicks, pops and other unwanted sounds? Guitar playing records with hum/buzz? Or just need to make the voice of the speaker clearer? Using the latest audio restoration software, I'll clean up your audio or video files, remove background noise, hum, clicks or any unwanted sounds.


Production Music

Need music for your video on Youtube or Vimeo, video presentation, game, movie or trailer? Check my portfolio of royalty free production music that includes tracks in various genres: electronic dance music (dubstep, breakbeat, drum'n'bass, house), cinematic, world beat and so on. Contact me if you need need to customize any of my tracks or want some exclusive music.


Sound Design

Very few people understand the significance of sound design, but in reality the mood of any video project is often set by the audio. Sound design can play a key role in making your media content stand out from the crowd. Usign my library of sounds and high end software I will provide top quality modern sound design for your games, apps, trailers or video logos.


Mixing and Mastering

I have more than 10 years experience in music production. All tracks in my music portfolio are arranged, mixed and mastered by me. Using high end plug-ins and software I will provide high quality mixing and mastering of your music and give suggestions to make it sound better.

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Here you will find my music and sound design portfolio, examples of videos using my tracks, audio restoration samples. Switch between the tabs to browse different categories.

Feel It / Sunset EP


Released: 8 February 2019. Label: Nu Venture Records.

Go Away / Memories EP


Released: 23 April 2018. Label: Liquid Brilliants.

Radioslam - Funky Racer
(T-Trider remix)


Breakbeat remix of Funky Racer by Radioslam. Released: May 2018.

Breaking Reality LP


Released: 22 February 2017. Label: Gizmo Lab.



Music band.

World Of Tanks Theme
(T-Trider remix)


Drum'n'bass remix for World Of Tanks main theme. Original track by Andrius Klimka & Andrey Kulik.

Sound design for
Network Detective


Sound design for explainer video.

Driving & Energetic


Collection of energetic and aggressive breakbeat music.

Positive & Upbeat


Collection of energetic electronic music with positive and optimistic feel.

House & Dance


Collection of house and dance music.

Cinematic / Sci-Fi


Collection of music for sci-fi movies and trailers.

World Beat


Collection of traditional music.



Collection of dubstep music.

Corporate / Tech


Collection of modern background music for business presentations or corporate video projects.

TVLE Design Audio Logo


Audio logo sound design.

Sound design for
Quality Care AS


Sound design for commercial video.

Sound design for
Audit Guru


Sound design for explainer video.

Jobot Audio Logo


Audio logo sound design.

Sound design for Ensurem


Sound design for commercial video.

Temptation Station LP


Temptation Station LP. Released 12 June 2011.

Nova/Clear EP


Nova/Clear EP. Released 25 November 2012.

Example of using music:
National Stadium in Warsaw


My track "Dubstep Intro" in advertisement of National Stadium in Warsaw.

Example of using music:
Honda Indy Toronto


My track "Don't Stop" in video of Honda Canada.

Example of using music:
Rockstar Energy Suzuki MX Team 2012


My track "Dubstep Intro" in Rockstar Energy Suzuki MX Team pre-season video.

Example of using music:
Magnum (AE Template)


Example of using my track "Power Breaks Intro" in Videohive After Effects Template.

Musubi Media Audio Logo


Audio logo sound design.

Modern Cog Audio Logo


Audio logo sound design.

Colourful Logo Ident (AE Template)


Example of using my audio logo in Videohive After Effects Template.

Liquid Metal 3D (AE Template)


Example of using my audio logo in Videohive After Effects Template.



Music band.

Diamos Roll feat. Rusya
Last Night (T-Trider remix)


Remix of the track Last Night by Diamos Roll & Rusya.

DJ Fresh feat. Sian Evans
Louder (T-Trider Remix)


Breakbeat remix of DJ Fresh's Louder.

Audio Restoration:
Noise Reduction


Example of removing background noise from the audio file. Before and after editing.

Audio Restoration:
Clicks Removal


Example of removing clicks and cracks from the audio file. Before and after editing.

Audio Restoration:
Wind Noise Removal


Example of removing wind noise from the audio file. Before and after editing.

Example of using music:
Kingston HyperX 3K SSD


My track "Epic Industrial Dubstep" in advertisment of HyperX 3K SSD by Kingston.

Example of using music:
Asics A77


My track "Power Breaks Intro 2" in video of Asics Japan.

Example of using music:


My track "Energize Me" in video of italian train operator Trenitalia.

WJD Audio Logo


Audio logo sound design.

MacX Charging Audio Logo


Audio logo sound design.

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